Una Boca Saludable Para Su Bebe

    Children with nonnutritive sucking habits that continued to 48 months of age or beyond demonstrated many significant differences from children with habits of shorter durations: narrower maxillary arch widths, greater overjet and greater prevalence of open bite and posterior crossbite.

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recognizes that an infant’s, child’s or adolescent’s well-being can be affected by oral habits and encourages health practitioners to take an individualized approach in the managements of these habits.

    Oral habit behavior could be:

    Una Boca Saludable Para Su Bebe

    1) digit sucking
    2) pacifier sucking
    3) lip sucking and biting
    4) nail biting
    5) bruxism
    6) self injurious habits
    7) mouth breathing
    8) tongue thrust

    It is very important that the pediatric dentist knows about these habits so he can put an appliance to your child and help the maxillary and the mandible have their normal growing.

    Una Boca Saludable Para Su Bebe

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